PAI Management Corporation
Trusted Professional Society Management


Full-service Management for Biomedical/ Health-related Professional Societies.

Whatever management help your society needs, PAI has the capability. Here, we describe how we organize services to meet the particular needs of professional membership societies.


Core services are basic and essential for maintaining any society headquarters.

Accounting & Financial Management

We take accounting and the financial management of our clients very seriously; we deliver accurate monthly financial statements to your board compared to the approved budget. Both the account executive/executive director and our controller, a CPA, supervise this service. PAI's president also personally reviews the monthly financial statements before sending them to the client's board or finance committee. As another aspect of good financial practice, we require that every client society have an annual audit by an outside CPA who reports directly to the board.

Membership Administration

We believe, and our experience supports, that taking care of members, by being responsive to their concerns as customers, will help retain their loyalty to a professional society. All PAI employees are sensitive to good customer relations and understand the need to keep members satisfied. PAI will manage your annual membership renewal campaign, updating the membership database as needed to ensure accurate membership records. Our specialized association management software provides ready reports for online membership directory sub-divisions and integrates with your society website or other third-party services to provide a seamless online experience for your members.

General Office Support

PAI's office will become your society's HQ office, providing a home for records, a place for members to reach out to for support, and an operations center to support your volunteer leadership. Our state-of-the-art IT systems feature a completely integrated telecommunication system with MS Office 365, SharePoint, video-calling, instant messaging, and a range of the latest supporting technologies provided at no additional cost to clients. Every client is provided a personalized auto-attendant phone greeting.

Professional Management

We will bring experienced association management to your society. Under our typical scenario, a PAI account executive will become your society's executive director. All PAI account executives have extensive experience with association management and, as the health-related fields are our specialty, of health care in general. The account executive/executive director will be indistinguishable from a society employee and will do whatever is necessary to assure that the society meets its goals within the scope of the services provided by management and per the board's strategy plan.


Customized services are closely related to the unique character and mission of a society, can be added to Core Services on a modular basis, and are tailored to meet the programmatic needs and financial resources of a society.

Governing Board Support

We will ensure effective meetings of the society's governing body. One of these is usually held at the annual meeting of a society, and one, or two, are either stand-alone meetings or held during another major meeting in the discipline. We will arrange for the meetings, send out in advance the necessary agenda materials, take notes and prepare minutes, and undertake follow-up activities to ensure implementation of the governing board's decisions. Also, the account executive/executive director will hold a weekly telephone conference with the President, will be available to other officers as needed, and usually will arrange a monthly executive committee conference call.


We have significant experience in marketing to doctors and others who should be members. Approaching busy professionals in the health and biomedical disciplines requires an understanding of their needs for practice or career development. A "one size fits all" approach does not work, and we can design and implement membership and meeting marketing to maximize the society's potential.

Publications/Communications Management

We will provide the staff support to a volunteer editor to coordinate the production and mailing of printed publications, provide general information (such as board actions, the names and addresses of society officers and committee chairs, and meetings details) for the publications, and transmit the copy electronically for easy professional layout for a printed version. We also can post the publication to the society's website, as we are experienced in working with webmasters and firms with state-of-the-art webpage development. This will include updates regarding conferences, membership issues, "what's new" features, and other aspects of website management to retain interest and assure frequent visits by members, and non-members who can be considered future members.

Conference & Exhibition Management

We will provide staff support to your planning committee for the society's annual meeting, and any other meetings held throughout the year. Our staff is experienced in managing annual conferences with attendance between a few hundred and 3,000. We will collaborate with the voluntary leaders to manage the logistics of the meeting so that the volunteers can concentrate on generating good science. More specifically, PAI's typical conference management support would include the following:

  1. Budgeting & accounting;
  2. Hotel and vendor negotiations & site selection;
  3. Promotion, marketing, & public relations;
  4. Recruiting exhibitors and corporate supporters;
  5. Program committee support, including on-line abstract management;
  6. Pre-conference registration, including on-line through the society’s website;
  7. On-site management, including social events;
  8. Post-meeting general activities and wrap-up.

Committee/Council/SIG Management

This service category is used to identify specific projects and/or committee activities that require significant staff support. Minor activities of staff support to committees, such as running some mail lists in Excel from the database or answering questions, are covered under the Core Services category, and arranging for and staffing committee meetings at the annual meeting is covered under Conference & Exhibition Management. However, when a committee, council, SIG or chapter requires significant staffing, we have found it valuable to identify this effort under this service category so that the governing body will have a measure of staff time used.


This service category is used for staff representing a society at other association and national meetings, or before funding organizations and agencies, such as NIH and professional associations with which the society interacts.


We have managed and developed foundation fundraising programs for clients, most often where a 501c3 entity is a subsidiary of a parent 501c6 organization. Our experience also includes foundation fundraising support for young investigators and other large projects, including estate planning and bequests.

Strategy Planning

We have helped societies as both facilitators of strategy planning sessions and as members of client teams that have developed strategy plans with an outside independent facilitator. We will help you plan a successful future for your society by helping you think strategically in all aspects of your organization as an ongoing part of your decision making, as well as working with you in more formal planning exercises with a professional facilitator when needed.

Credentialing & Certification

Due to the professional experience of PAI’s president, we can provide examination development and administration services, and support to accreditation programs. We have helped several societies develop certification programs that are both psychometrically sound and cost-effective. This can add a new dimension to a society as a professional development membership benefit.