The Management Behind Engaged Membership


PAI Management is an accredited, full-service association management company serving niche, volunteer-led professional societies in the broad field of health sciences. By hiring our team to fill your management gaps, we will deliver steadfast support to help strengthen your community and grow your membership.

As your Board of Directors and volunteer leaders transition through positions of service, PAI provides continuity, in-depth institutional knowledge, and daily attention to the financial health and progress of your membership organization. We specialize in setting strategies and taking all the right steps for small to medium-size professional societies to grow, deliver more value to members, and stay competitive in a crowded market.


To achieve their strategic goals, membership organizations need infrastructure, consistency, and dedicated support—and that is what PAI provides. With a flexible suite of management services tailored to meet the unique needs of a society, PAI fills gaps and gives daily attention to functional areas, from executive-level strategic planning and financial management to specialized meeting planning and member recruitment.




Norman Wallis, PhD
President and Senior Account Executive


Dr. Wallis received his professional education and clinical training from City University, London, and his graduate education from Indiana University. He was president of a health professional college and executive director of the national board of a primary health profession. Since founding PAI in 1984, he has helped assure the success of many PAI client societies. Dr. Wallis is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK) and a member of the American Society of Association Executives.



Inge Guen, PsyD,
Vice President


Dr. Guen received her graduate and professional education from Antioch College and California Southern University and has been honored by the Daughters of the American Revolution, the American Red Cross, and the Order of St. John for her work at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with wounded warriors from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Dr. Guen is a member of the American Psychological Association and the International Neuropsychological Society.



James Vrac, CAE, Director of Operations and Senior Account Executive


James has over 20 years’ association management experience with a variety of professional medical associations and was previously executive director of an international business network operating in 86 countries based in London. As director of operations, he is responsible for the ongoing business support services for all PAI clients. Mr. Vrac is a member of the American Society of Association Executives and a Certified Association Executive.



Melissa Castan, MA, CMP, CAE, Director of Meetings and Account Executive


Melissa plans the logistics of the major meetings for all PAI’s clients, drawing on her extensive planning background and Certified Meeting Planner qualification. Prior to joining PAI, Melissa spent three years at Giuffrida Associates, another association management company. She is a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan University and earned her MA from American University. She was awarded the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation in 2017.



Thomas O’Hora, MBA, CPA, Controller


Thomas received his graduate education from Marywood University. He has been the controller of all PAI clients since 1991 and provides consultation services to several associations and other not-for-profits in the Washington, DC area. Mr. O’Hora is a member of the American Institute of CPAs; the American Society of Association Executives; and the Greater Washington Society of CPAs, where he serves on the Not-for-Profit Committee.





AMC Institute

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    practice submissions



International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN)

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    rates and contracts for clients